Session Time Speaker Topic (click for video) Slides
Introduction 9:00am Jack Van Horn Introduction: Why you should Pipeline
9:10am Petros Petrosyan and Zhizhong Liu Introduction to the Pipeline Environment
Pipeline Screencast
Structural Neuroimaging Analysis 9:30am Shantanu Joshi Sulcal Morphometry using the LONI Pipeline
9:45am Boris Gutman Structural Volume and Surface Analysis
10:00am Yonggang Shi Robust Cortical Reconstruction and Mapping Tools Using Intrinsic Analysis of Geometry and Topology
Connectomics 10:15am Nic Novak Analysis of White Matter Shapes
10:30am Andrei Irimia Connectomic visualization using the LONI Pipeline
10:45am Junning Li Pipeline Platform for DTI Registration and Evaluation
11:00am Micah Chambers Brain Network Analysis with Pluto
Genetics 11:15am Ivo Dinov Next Generation Sequence Analysis and Computational Genomics using Graphical Pipeline Workflows
11:30am Derrek Hibar Voxelwise gene-wide association study
Conclusion 11:45am Jack Van Horn Concluding Remarks -