Yonggang Shi, PhD
2001 North Soto Street – Room 102
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Email: yshi@loni.usc.edu
Phone: 323-442-7246

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My research focus is in the general area of biomedical image analysis. In particular, I am interested in the extraction and analysis of anatomically important information from 3D and 4D brain images with the aim of providing efficient and robust software for brain mapping researchers. With the wide use of MRI imaging technologies, which include both conventional structural imaging modalities and more recently developed diffusion imaging methods for studying white matter connectivity, image analysis has become a key component in neuroscience and psychiatry research. While the amount of data is increasing dramatically, the dominant information contained in images is geometric and sparse. Based on this observation, the major theme of my research is the computation of geometric or shape information from images and map these geometric structures such that population studies can be performed.  For a quick overview of my research, you can browse over my past and current research projects, or you can look at some of my recent publications.

Software Download: MOCA

PostDoc Position in Brain Connectivity

PostDoc Position in Brain Image Analysis for Multiple Scleorosis