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Measuring, Mapping and Modeling Brain Structure and Function

First Prize (Best Paper & Presentation), SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium, February 1997, Newport Beach, CA, USA.

Arthur W. Toga and Paul M. Thompson

Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, Department of Neurology, Division of Brain Mapping, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 90095

Bert's head 3D Variability Maps


Presently available anatomic atlases provide useful coordinate systems, such as the ubiquitous Talairach system, but are sorely lacking in both spatial resolution and completeness. An appropriately sampled anatomic specimen can provide the additional detail necessary to accurately localize activation sites as well as provide other structural perspectives such as chemoarchitecture. We collected serial section post mortem anatomic data from several whole human head and brain specimens using a cryosectioning technique. Tissue was imaged so that voxel resolution was 200 microns or better at full color (24 bits/pixel).

These high resolution datasets, along with collections of magnetic resonance (MR) data, were placed within a common coordinate system and used to produce a probabilistic representation. This approach represents anatomy within a coordinate system as a probability. Coordinate locations are assigned a confidence limit to describe the likelihood that a given location belongs to an anatomic structure, based on the population of specimens.

A variety of warping strategies are discussed which provide statistics on morphometric variability and probability. High-dimensional anatomically-based warps utilizing sulcal anatomy are described.

These data are an important and necessary part of the comprehensive structural and functional analyses that focus on the mapping of the human brain.

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