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The following general articles on our work appeared in:

U.S. News (March 2005)

Psychiatric News (May 2000)
Wired Magazine (Jan. 2000)
Discover Magazine (Jan. 2000)
Offspring Magazine (Dec. 2000/Jan. 2001)
Computer Graphics World (Jan. 2000)
The Dana Foundation Magazine, Brainwork (Jan. 2000)
The Times Newspaper, London (Aug. 2000)

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Other media stories can be found here, or by following the press release links to our schizophrenia, brain development, and genetics projects on this page.

Psychiatric News, May 2000 (feature article by Liz Lipton) - Full article is here

Wired Magazine, January 2000 (feature by Carolyn Rauch)

Discover Magazine, January 2000 (excerpt from an article by Dana Mackenzie)

Offspring Magazine, December 2000/January 2001 Issue (excerpt from an article by Shannon Brownlee and Lisa Kalis)

Computer Graphics World, January 2000 (Insight Feature by Diana Phillips Mahoney)

Dana Foundation Magazine, Brainwork, Jan./Feb. 2000 (Feature Article by John Lauerman)

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