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A Framework for Computational Anatomy

Invited Paper,
Computing and Visualization in Science 5:13-34, 2002

Paul M. Thompson and Arthur W. Toga

Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, Dept. Neurology, Division of Brain Mapping,
UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles CA 90095, USA

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The rapid collection of brain images from healthy and diseased subjects has stimulated the development of powerful mathematical algorithms to compare, pool and average brain data across whole populations. Brain structure is so complex and variable that new approaches in computer vision, partial differential equations, and statistical field theory are being formulated to detect and visualize disease-specific patterns. We present some novel mathematical strategies for computational anatomy, focusing on the creation of population-based brain atlases. These atlases describe how the brain varies with age, gender, genetics, and over time. We review applications in Alzheimers disease, schizophrenia and brain development, outlining some current challenges in the field.

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