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This page contains supplementary data for the manuscript entitled:

Dynamic Mapping of Human Cortical Development during Childhood through Early Adulthood

(Authors: Nitin Gogtay MD, Jay N. Giedd MD, Leslie Lusk BA, Kiralee M. Hayashi BS, Deanna Greenstein PhD, A. Catherine Vaituzis, David H. Herman BS, Tom F. Nugent III AB, Liv Clasen PhD, Arthur W. Toga PhD, Judith L. Rapoport MD, and Paul M. Thompson PhD )

Press Release

Time-Lapse Imaging Tracks Brain Maturation Ages 5 to 20. Constructed from MRI scans of healthy children, these time-lapse "movies" compress 15 years of brain development (ages 5-20) into just a few seconds. Red indicates more gray matter, blue less gray matter. Gray matter wanes in a back to front wave as the brain matures and neural connections are pruned. Areas perrforming more basic functions mature earlier; areas for higher-order functions (emotion, self-control) mature later. The pre-frontal cortex, which handles reasoning and other "executive" functions, emerged late in evolution, and is among the last to mature. The brain changes in schizophrenia may be an exaggeration of this developmental pattern. Intriguingly, this sequence of brain changes is reversed in Alzheimer's disease. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 101(21):8174-8179, May 25 2004 [published online, May 17 2004]. [Article, .pdf, 0.7MB] )

Figure 1 High-Resolution Image


          Right Oblique Movie                                                                                      Top Movie


          Bottom Movie                                                                                      Left Movie

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